HP-FPW50 Cold White 32-36V Water Clear 6300-7000K 5000-6000lm 120°

Using LED 50W should be noted:

1.LED 50W High power LED need to coat thermal plastic,good heat dissipation.(Thermal plastic is very important)

2.LED 50W working temperature must below 60°C.

3.The driver quality is important.Circuit design match with High power LED 50W as the best.

4.Please don’t use the LED 50W and LED Drive 50W without heat sink,otherwise the LED lamp will be burnt !

5.Aluminum is also very important to LED lamps.
LED 50W Precautions:

1.good heat dissipation.

2.correct current and voltage.

3.Use high-quality constant current power supply.

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LED 50W high power Products:

1.LED 50W high power Characteristics of high power LED 50W: SMD-type appearance,120-degree wide viewing angle .
2.LED 50W high power Applications: General led lighting, advertising LED lighting, architectural LED lighting, LED street lamps and so on.

3.Specifications and Color Temperature: Warm white 3000-3300K, Neutral white 5700-6300K. Brightness :5000-6000Lm. Voltage: 32-36V.


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