HP-FPW20 32-36V Water Clear 6300-7000K 2000-2100lm 120°

LED 10W Precautions:
1.good heat dissipation.
2.correct current and voltage.
3.Use high-quality constant current power supply.

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LED 20W High power Product Application:

Widely used for miner’s lamps, street lamps, emergency lights, buried lights, lawn lamps, underwater, chandelier, embedded lights, spotlights, wall lights, light-emitting flat panels, tube light and so on.

High power LED as light source for illumination has the following advantages:

1.LED 20W High power Less power consumption: Compared with the equivalent brightness incandescent, optical efficiency of 75lm/W of the LED consumption can reduced by 80%.

2.LED 20W High power Long life: Products’ life is up to 60,000 hours, though 24 hours of continuing lighting per day, it can be used for 7 years.

3.Large space of design: can integrated with architecture organic, that you can only see the effect of light but not the lamp.

4.LED 20W Environmental protection,non-hazardous metal mercury,non-infrared and non-ultraviolet radiation.


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